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Aphasia Access Conversations

How We’re Reducing Communication Barriers

Aphasia Access Conversations brings you the latest aphasia resources, tips, and aha moments from Life Participation professionals who deliver way more than stroke and aphasia facts. Topics include aphasia group treatment ideas, communication access strategies, plus ways for growing awareness and funds for your group aphasia therapy program. This podcast is produced by Aphasia Access.

Apr 26, 2017

Maura English Silverman, MS, CCC/SLP is the Founder and Executive Director of the Triangle Aphasia Project (TAP), Unlimited in North Carolina. This interview includes:

  • Identify practical and strategic methods for increasing awareness of aphasia programming and supports within their own communities.
  • Describe methods to engage and mobilize individuals with aphasia, their families and partners in service within the community to widen the service provision options available.
  • Identify stakeholders to your aphasia programming and determine how their objectives and your LPAA provision goals can be aligned for improved services.

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