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Aphasia Access Conversations

How We’re Reducing Communication Barriers

Aphasia Access Conversations brings you the latest aphasia resources, tips, and aha moments from Life Participation professionals who deliver way more than stroke and aphasia facts. Topics include aphasia group treatment ideas, communication access strategies, plus ways for growing awareness and funds for your group aphasia therapy program. This podcast is produced by Aphasia Access.

Jun 26, 2019

Dr. Katie Strong (Assistant Professor at Central Michigan University Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders) presents another segment on “A-ha!” Moments in Aphasia Care as she speaks with Dr. Maria Muñoz about providing culturally responsive aphasia care.

Maria L. Muñoz, Ph.D, CCC-SLP is a Professor at the University of Redlands. She received her doctorate from the University of Texas as a participant in the Multicultural Leadership Training Program and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in aphasia at the University of Arizona. She conducts research, teaches, and publishes in the areas of treatment outcomes and aphasia, and the manifestation of aphasia in Spanish/English bilinguals.

In this episode you will:

  • Hear a story that provided an aha moment in making treatment culturally relevant.

  • Learn about how cultural adaptation applies to LPAA philosophy and challenges clinicians to see a different world view.

  • Discover some ‘lessons learned’ on facilitating a bilingual aphasia support groups.

  • Learn a few tips in working with clients who are bilingual and have aphasia.

Download the Full Show Notes